Our Terms & Conditions of Membership

  1. Opening Hours: The Toy Library at The Chantry Centre runs in the Lister Hall at the Chantry Centre on a Thursday morning, 10-11.30am during term time.

  2. Toys borrowed during these sessions must be returned to one of these sessions. A list of the current term's dates can be found on our website, www.ChantryCentre.org. This is a drop in service; appointments are not necessary.

  3. The Toy Library may, on occasion, run alongside other events at The Chantry Centre, eg Fun Days, etc. Toys borrowed during these alternative sessions must also be returned during our regular Thursday morning sessions.

  4. Membership: Membership is open to families, childminders and toddler groups in the Cam & Dursley area and surrounding villages. Toys in the library are suitable for children aged 0-5 years although families with children with additional needs may continue to use the service for as long as it is relevant.

  5. Membership sign up process can be started via our website and is completed face to face at one of our Toy Library sessions. New members can also complete this process at one of our Toy Library sessions.

  6. Proof of identity showing current address (e.g. Driver’s License, Utility Bill) is required to complete your membership along with payment of the relevant membership fee before any toys may be borrowed.

  7. Fees: Membership options:

    Pay Per Year Membership – New members opting for this membership must pay their £24 on signing up to the Toy Library. They can borrow up to three toys at any one time. Toys are loaned for 2 weeks initially, although this can be extended by renewing via our website.

    Pay Per Toy Membership – New members opting for this membership do not pay a membership fee when signing up but pay either £1, £1.50 or £2 per toy, per week of hire. This fee is paid at the time of hiring and toys can be booked for up to three weeks initially. These toys can be renewed via our online system and additional hire fees must be paid when the toy is returned.

  8. Toys which are returned late will incur a fine of £1 per toy per week. This is in addition to any Pay Per Toy fees due for the extended loan period.

  9. All payments need to be in cash.

  10. A member will not be able to take out a new toy loan whilst there is an outstanding balance due on their account.

  11. Toy Loans: Toys are initially booked for a two week period unless an alternative agreement is made with the volunteer dealing with your booking.

  12. Once a toy has been booked out and taken from The Toy Library it becomes the responsibility of the member borrowing the toy. Toys should be returned complete and in a clean and undamaged condition ready for the next borrower.

  13. If pieces are missing, they must be returned as soon as they are found. Failure to find and return pieces will render toys damaged and clause 14 below will apply.

  14. Where toys are returned broken or damaged, a contribution will be requested to pay for repairs or replacements. All toys must be returned even if broken.

  15. All equipment that requires batteries will be loaned without batteries. It will be the responsibility of the member to provide their own batteries.

  16. Storage Containers: The majority of our toys come in a storage bag or box. Toys should be returned in this bag/box. Missing or damaged bag/boxes will also incur a replacement charge.

  17. You can check the toy description on our website for full details on each items parts and storage container to help you ensure everything is returned in tact.

  18. Cancelling a Membership: We reserve the right to cancel membership to anyone who consistently returns toys late, damaged or incomplete.

  19. Members may leave the service at any time but all fees paid are non-refundable.

  20. Safety: Before toys are available to borrow, our volunteers check that they are safe to play with. Whilst you are borrowing them you must ensure they are safe to be used. Any possible danger must be reported to the library.

  21. Members are responsible for the children in their care at all times while visiting the Toy Library. Our volunteers are not DBS checked and are there solely to administer the service.

  22. Data Protection: The Chantry Centre is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office and adheres to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We store your personal information for the sole purposes of administering the Toy Library service. Your details will never be passed to anyone outside of the Toy Library staff/volunteer team.

  23. In order for us to maintain the requirement within the Data Protection Act to only keep data that is relevant and up to date, members must inform a Toy Library staff member/volunteer of any change of address or contact details as soon as possible.

  24. Disclaimer: The Toy Library at The Chantry Centre will not accept responsibility for any loss, injury or damage caused by or arising from any misuse of any of our equipment. Where a toy's description includes a suggested age, this has been taken from the toy's original packaging. However, it is the responsibility of the member to see that the toys are used by the appropriate age of children and that they are played with in an appropriate manner. Children playing with toys should be appropriately supervised.